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  • Sadiq Bonham

    Sadiq Bonham is 6' tall, Shoulder length black hair with a slightly elvish air. He is a halfelf from Waterdeep. He plays hard and smart. He seems to generally be one step ahead of the enemy, and when he isn't he has a stack of backup plans.

  • Ivridda Diamondmind

    Ivridda was born in Blingdenstone in the Upperdark. When she was 7, the city was destroyed by the drow of Menzoberranzan. Her parents stayed in the Underdark but fled further south and established a village in the Underdark with other refugees from …

  • Felicia Hornraven

    Felicia met Sadiq and Siegfried in Waterdeep at an early age. They always were getting into mischief and causing trouble. Slowly they turned to hard crime and eventually started a smuggling business together. Felicia took up bounty hunting on the side as …

  • Ojen Akenathi "Spiritbinder"

    Ojen was born to a nomadic tribe of Goliaths in the Sword Mountains. Until recently his tribe's only worries were the encroaching Dwarves in their lust for mining ore, but they did not often venture to the altitudes required to bother his tribe. Then came …

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